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  • What curriculum should I use?
  • What does it cost to homeschool?
  • Do I have to register my child with the Department of Education?
  • What happens when it comes time for university?
  • Who is The Pestalozzi Trust?

The Homeschool Hub aims to provide a one-stop solution for both those searching for the right path to homeschooling as well as the veterans who've been doing it for years.

The plan:

With all physical expos on hold indefinitely at the time where you need them most, we are preparing to launch an online expo destination where you'll be able to dig into different curriculums and have all your questions answered.

The Homeschool Hub is currently in the process of contacting all homeschool curricula available in South Africa to participate in the first ever ONLINE homeschool expo. We're planning to launch September 2020.

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