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What is a learning centre or cottage school?

At this time there is no strict definition for either a cottage school or learning centre, however the below information from The Pestalozzi Trust should prove useful:

In the eyes of the law there is no difference between a learning centre and a cottage school. Both should be registered as an independent school to be legal. See the articles on [Pestalozzi website]on starting a cottage school and on the legality of cottage schools. In popular terminology a learning centre is regarded as a place of learning which learners may frequent sometimes at their own chosen times or sometimes as full-time students. A cottage school is regarded as a small school, sometimes at someone’s home. Both institutions may make use of home-schooling curriculum materials, as a result of which they often are labelled as “homeschools”, which they are not. There is no such concept as a “homeschool” in the South African law. Home schooling is defined in the law as education at the child’s own home.

Please note

Please be aware that it is your responsibility as a parent to ensure the safety of your child. While The Homeschool Hub serves as a platform to connect parents to useful resources, we cannot take responsibility for anything that happens beyond this website.

Also note that we are always looking to add to our listings to make them as comprehensive as possible. If you know of a cottage school/learning centre that might want to be featured on this page, please let us know by emailing us via the button below so we can contact them, or ask them to get in touch with us at!

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Quick Directory - Learning Centres

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Eastern Cape

East London

Fundamentals Online Preschool

About Us

The building blocks to excellence in early childhood education. Fundamentals was founded by a qualified teacher with 23 years experience teaching preschool in a classroom. Here at Fundamentals, we learn through technology while sticking firmly to an "old school," hands on method of learning. All activities are completed on hard copies and not by dragging a finger on a screen or by using a computer mouse and keyboard. All Crafting supplies are couriered to our little students every month included in the fees. 3 options to choose from.

Harmony Education Centre

About Us

Harmony Education Centre specializes in academics, study skills, exam preparation, and piano and singing lessons for learners aged 9 – 13.

REDRUTH Learning Centre/Leersentrum

About Us

Redruth Learning Centre, situated in New Redruth - a sought-after residential area of Alberton - is a registered, Christian based, IMPAQ and Cambrilearn Tutor Centre providingguided tuition to learners from Grade R to Grade 12. By means of the CAPS curriculum,learners are able to obtain their National Senior Certificate. A variety of subjects are offeredand supported by qualified, competent and experienced educators. Additional classes,examination training and assistance with projects are offered. Subjects include themainstream CAPS subjects but also Robotics, Coding and Entrepreneurship. READ MORE HERE.

Unicus Learning Centre

About Us

Unicus Learning Centre is registered with CambriLearn, Impaq and Think Digital as a Learning Centre and can assist homeschoolers with CAPS and IEB.

Wegbreek Tuisskool

About Us

Christine is a qualified teacher now homeschooling her own sons. In 2022 Wegbreek Tuisskool will be starting a Gr. R group. Christine offers a friendly, relaxed yet stimulating environment with small groups, structured curriculum (for each different age level) and lots of learning fun! Wegbreek uses curriculum and assessments from Brainline, and serves the following groups:
3-4 years
4-5 years
5-6 years (Gr. R)

IndigoBlue Learning

About Us

ineXcit Academy (Now IndigoBlue) was started in 2020 in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Parents were being retrenched, salaries were being cut, families did not have internet access at home and children stopped going to school. What started out with 4 children in 2020 has grown to 25 full-time learners currently using our services. At IndigoBlue we believe “the children are our future” and deserve an education, regardless of their parents’ finances. We provide a “school-at-home” vibe where children learn at their own pace through play and tactile learning. We take children from age 4 to Grade 7, and teach the CAPS curriculum. Children from Gr. 4 to Gr. 7 work from the FastExcellence curriculum.

Extramurals Evolved

About Us

3-Term Holidays 8am-5pm / 3-Term Schedule 2-5pm / Ages 7-15.
Holiday activities & care. Extramural & social hub. Catering for full-time working parents, unschoolers, homeschoolers, online schoolers & cottage schoolers.

1st Ed 4 Kids

About Us

We are a small established centre, with 6-8 learners per grade / Grade R-Matric / Use of impaq curriculum / Qualified tutors / Covid safety compliant / Boomed off area

B Creative Tutor Center

About Us

Does your child fit into the traditional box - or do they learn differently? Welcome to B-Creative Tutor Center: A place where your child will be understood, supported and loved.

We are extremely passionate about teaching, especially those with learning disabilities such as ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia and learners on the Autism spectrum. Let them learn the way they learn best – the way that suits their own learning needs! We provide a comprehensive set of educational products based on the national curriculum in English and Afrikaans.

Claro Education & Learning Centre

About Us

Claro Education and Learning Centre caters for children from Grades R to 12. We make use of CAPS curriculum from Impaq and Mindscape. We facilitate learning in small classes of no more than 8 learners per class. We have been operational since 2016 and have a proven track record. We are passionate about quality of education for all children.

Life Prep

About Us

Education done differently.
Become a part of our family and find a place where we consider who your child is and how they learn. Our school may be different for each child attending, but they will experience the curriculum and gain confidence here.

Noordelike Akademie

About Us

Noordelike Akademie is a remedial school and we accommodate children from the age of 7 years old until Grade 12. We have between 6 and 10 children per class. Work is adapted to suit the way the children learn.

Building Blocks Academy

About Us

We are a small home-based tutor centre based in East Rand, Gauteng. We offer assistance with all subjects. Our students come to our centre from 8am till 1pm Monday to Thursday and Friday 7.30am till 12 noon. We offer small but intimate classrooms. We don't exceed more than 5 students per class per grade. Our love for homeschooling started when my own children were not coping at mainstream school and I knew I had to make a change to their educational intake. We only offer grade 8 to 12 only.

Beyond Beginnings

About Us

Covid encouraged education to move into a new era, however, Covid also created a barrier to learning for many children who were unable to access or consolidate the new skills they needed to learn to cope with the challenges of the next grade. Many young children missed out on critical preschool learning and development which has had a major impact on their foundation knowledge. Taking the above into account, we aim to bridge these gaps in learners' foundational knowledge by using individualised attention, formative and summative assessments including a variety of pedagogy and assessment tools to best suit the learner. Small classes also allow teachers to assess and remediate any foundational gaps, allowing each learner to thrive. We follow the CAPS and Oxford curriculum and cater for Grade R-3.

Nita Tutors & Assessors

About Us

Facilitation Centre in Centurion for students who make use of online service providers such as CambriLearn. Choose from Cambridge International, Pearson or South African CAPS curriculums. Our services include morning sessions, extra classes, invigilation of tests, and optional extracurricular and fun social activities.

Nita Tutors & Assessors was originally established in December 2020 and operated mainly in Pretoria before. The owner is an experienced teacher, and the main tutor is qualified in sciences.

An Impaq approved orals assessor (English, Afrikaans) for Grade 10 to 12 distance students doing SACAI Exams is available. Oral assessments are available in person in Centurion or online. Can also do house/centre visits in the Midrand, Centurion and Pretoria area for groups or individuals doing three or more assessment tasks.

COB Learning Academy

About Us

Tutor center in Bothasig / qualified teachers / uses Impaq curriculum / small classes and specializing in children with learning barriers / supports Grades R-12 / aftercare & holiday club also available


About Us

We are here to help children that have barriers to learning, children that fail in any area or that fail in mainstream schools. We walk the extra mile for each learner that walks through our doors. We are mostly Afrikaans speaking, but English speakers are also welcome.

Ouers hoor dikwels die volgende van verskillende mense af. EK AS OUER HET DIT NOU AL MEER AS 10x KEER GEHOOR:
"Is julle nie bang julle kinders raak agter nie?" Agter wat en wie? Aan wie se standaarde moet hulle gemeet word? Wie het besluit alle kinders moet op dieselfde vlak wees? Wie het besluit kinders MOET op 18 klaar wees met skool? Vandat ons homeschool het ons tot die besef gekom dat dit beter is om volgens elke kind se EIE PAS te werk ipv om hulle te druk om te presteer en te leer. Ons IS GELUKKIG in die posisie om dit te kan doen waarvoor ons lief is. Om kinders te help en daar te wees vir ELKE LEERDER wat by ons deure in stap.

Educ8 SA Learning Centre

About Us

We are so excited to be a part of this wonderful educational journey and expanding into our learning centre.

We will be covering Grades 6 -12 American High School & GED a part classes.

What will we be offering students?
- International accreditation
- GED & American High School Curriculum options (NQF 4 equivalent)
- Facilitated student learning
- Student support
- Individual student attention
- Warm and friendly learning environment
- A space for fellow homeschoolers to meet new people and become part of a social group
- Daily attendance and monitoring
- In-depth reporting for parents and students alike“Life lessons” group sessions
- Individual goal-setting; academic and other aspects of our students’ lives
- Career guidance
- Examination prep
- Social interactions

Edu-Vision Tutor Centre

About Us

Is your child not reaching his / her full academic potential? Look no further! A qualified tutor (NDip, BTech, PGCE) with years of experience offers personalised attention and support for the home scholar. We facilitate and administer Homeschool programmes (Impaq and GED) in collaboration with the parents.  Edu-Vision offers more than just education,  but also provides compassion,  acceptance and understanding.

A unique concept of providing the student with quality tutorials in a relaxed and affirming environment while developing a relationship with their tutor to maximise the learning experience, especially for those students whose needs are not met in mainstream schools.

Who will benefit:

  • A learner needing a smaller focused learning area, who are overwhelmed by large classes.
  • Learners needing a more stimulating and innovative environment.
  • Learners who struggle in mainstream schooling.
  • Learners with attention problems.

What does Edu-Vision Tutor Centre offer:

  • Tutor classes (support for the home scholar)
  • Daily attendance and monitoring
  • Facilitated learning support
  • Home-like environment
  • Individual student attention
  • Socialising with mixed ages
  • Examination preparation
  • Examination invigilation
  • Grades 7 -12
  • Support in English and Afrikaans
  • CAPS-aligned curriculum supplied by Impaq
  • Academic support from Impaq
  • GED testing preparation
  • GED levels (GED & American High School Curriculum options (NQF 4 equivalent))

Open: Mon - Fri   08:00 till 13:00.

Khula Learning Centre

About Us

While Khula Learning Centre provides holistic developmental and educational support services, please note that we are not a school. We are a tutor centre that offers educational support services to home-schooled learners.

Our children make use of IMPAQ’s academic products and services. IMPAQ is a CAPS-based curriculum that provides an academic framework that allows each learner to work at his or her own pace. This is especially effective for learners who require more intensive academic support. Learners from grades R–12 can complete their schooling using IMPAQ’s CAPS-aligned products, but they also have the option of returning to a mainstream school at any stage of their schooling career.

We assist both Neurodivergent learners as well as learners who find the mainstream challenging and currently have grade 1-6 learners at our centre.  Learners can register to receive tutoring full-time or part-time.  During the day we focus on emotional intelligence and self-regulation.  Learners can work at their own pace.  We provide them with social interaction and fun activities and events.

Silver Willow Cottage School

About Us

As a small cottage school we can be guided and inspired by the Steiner-Waldorf philosophy of education, while still incorporating the beauty and diversity of our particular context and time. What we love doing is:

  • Connecting nature directly to the classroom
  • Observing and spending time in the garden
  • Enjoying seasonal celebrations and festivals
  • Working with our hands to create things of beauty and use.
  • Being artistic and creative in everything
  • Integrating our core values into our daily activities and learning
  • Giving a particular focus on gratitude, love and responsibility
  • Cultivating interpersonal skills like kindness, sharing, empathy and compassion
  • Nurturing imagination through stories, songs and verses, which are all integrated into our learning and throughout the Waldorf curriculum

The Jewel Academy

About Us

We believe that learning is a journey of exploration, a collaboration between student and facilitator, inspired by curiosity, grounded in community values and focused on the natural development of each child's development. The Jewel Academy provides a quality service to parents of children attending school or who are educated at home or registered with Impaq or Think Digital. Our tutor support enables one-on-one attention in the areas your child needs most. Our group classes contain a maximum of 8-10 students.

Vision Learning

About Us

We provide professional educational support - mathematics, all other subjects and homeschool support. All sessions are presented in Afrikaans and English by qualified educators.

Math 911

Lizelle Armstrong


Math 911 specializes in all math related problems.


About this tutor

We are here to help and are based in at Rock Falls Ranch, Erasmia in Centurion.

Available Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Nicole Robberts


I specialize in English, but am able to teach Maths up to Grade 7, Afrikaans up to Grade 10, and other subjects up to Grade 7.


About this tutor

I am a qualified teacher with a Bachelor of primary school degree. I am also Sace registered. I have been teaching for twenty four years and have taught both in a school teaching CAPS as well as homeschooled my own two children using ACE, Impaq and Brainline. I am now tutoring in a center specializing in Cambridge AS and IGCSE English. My children who have written external exams, have had a huge success rate with marks ranging from mid sixties to nineties. I am kind and patient. My unique teaching style and experience with children has managed to help many children achieve results that they never thought they would be able to achieve.

Liezel's Learning Studio


Grades 1-8: all subjects
Grade 8-12: Math only


About this tutor

I am a qualified FET phase teacher with 9 years experience both locally and internationally. I have a Masters in Education. I have experience teaching Grades R-10 in various subjects. I offer small group tutoring in a calm and relaxing environment. My passion is to make sure that students fully understand concepts and that I constantly adapt and think of creative ways to engage the learner in learning.

Kathryn Angus

Foundation Phase Homeschool teacher.


Grade R - Grade 3

OPERATES IN THE CAPE TOWN AREA, INCLUDING Noordhoek, Kommetjie, Capri, Fish Hoek and Scarborough.

About this tutor

Teaching in the comfort of your own home, I offer:

  • Personalized, holistic lessons that are tailored to your child's pace and learning style.
  • Integration of the CAPS curriculum with real-world experiences for extended learning.
  • Interactive activities that encourage critical thinking and nurturing creativity.
  • Adaptable schedules catering to your family requirements.
  • Consistent assessments and open communication with parents.

Sulene Cronjé

Qualified, SACE-registered teacher


Mathematics, Gr. 4 - 9

EMS Accounting, Gr. 7 - 9

Available online or in-person

Kuils River address
for in-person sessions

About this tutor

 I’m a fully qualified teacher (SACE registered) with more than 8 years experience which includes teaching overseas. I have experience in teaching the CAPS curriculum. Currently, I'm the Head of Department for Mathematics (Senior Phase) and Mathematical Literacy (FET Phase) at a private school I'm teaching at the moment. My qualifications are BComm Financial Management & Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE), both obtained at Stellenbosch University. My passion is to teach and help students overcome the burden they often face when it comes to Mathematics and EMS. My unique way of teaching and engaging with students puts me on a different level and it reflects in the marks the students achieve.

Mrs. Juliana Tutor

About Mrs. Tutor

This is a short bio for Mrs. Tutor. It will highlight some of her skills and perhaps a few interests.

In closing, this can be a great "resumé" or expanded business card out on the web for many thousands of eyes to see, and many thousands of potential customers.

It shouldn't be too long, but can also be lengthy enough to make sure you get enough across about makes you especially qualified to teach homeschooled children.

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