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Jannie Nel

About us

We support learners and parents in education by offering full-time & part-time tutoring, exam/test preparation, sourcing of academic material, various evaluations and assistance with choice of curriculum service provider for home schooling students.

Curious Kidz Centurion

About us

Curious Kidz is on a mission to provide guidance on homeschooling curriculum, resources, and teaching techniques. We aim to provide the best journey to all homeschooling families.

Wendy Young


Wendy Young is a veteran homeschooler who home educated her children for more than 20 years. She is well know in the South African homeschool community as the author of various homeschool curricula and homeschool parent books, a seasoned homeschool blogger and mom of 4 homeschool grads. Her 3 eldest have completed their tertiary education and are gainfully employed. Her youngest is currently studying engineering at university.

Angie Collins


Angie Collins is an experienced teacher in individualised education for over 13 years. She homeschools her own children and has a passion to help parents starting out with homeschooling, specialising in the Foundation Phase years: Grade R-3.

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