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Where the rubber meets the road! Starting in earnest from January 2022, come here to find interesting articles, inspiring stories, useful guidance and more great content from our partner providers and the South African homeschooling community as a whole.
Financial Education

Students & Financial Literacy

by Annuity.org
24 May, 2022

Whatever your career and life goals may be — from finding a cure for cancer to starting a family — you will need money to achieve them. Without a sufficient level of financial literacy, making, keeping and growing your money will be a challenge, and your goals will remain out of reach.

Common Questions with Homeschooling

The Socialization Question

by Willemien Kruger
28 June, 2022

There are many questions people ask about homeschooling, but there is one that is almost always asked:

"But what about socialization?"

Outstanding in Homeschooling

Free State Homeschooler Shines on the Science Expo Stage

by Impaq
22 February, 2022

Winning a Science Expo award is a significant feat for any high school learner. But when you throw a pandemic and homeschooling into the mix, it becomes that much more interesting.

IG and AS-Level Qualifications

An Overview of the IG and AS-Level Qualifications

by Imperial International College
31 January, 2022

The International GCSE and AS-Level qualifications are highly sought after by many universities and workplaces, globally.

Math Advice

Bad attitude towards math?

by Math Mammoth
31 January, 2022

Changing a student's attitude towards math is definitely possible, with the right kind of instruction and experiences.

Personal Experience

My CC Story

by Ilse Smith
18 January, 2022

“We believe the purpose of education is to know God and to make Him known. True education should prepare us to love learning and to see the world from God’s side of the sky.” – Leigh Bortins' Echo in Celebration.

Homeschooling Advice

Mistakes homeschoolers can make

by Willemien Kruger
18 January, 2022

Mistakes? What mistakes? Is there a possibility of making mistakes? These are questions responsible for a lot of fear and anxiety. However, the purpose of this article is to encourage you not to become more fearful and anxious but to learn from others and try and prevent them.

Free Resources

A great resource for parents turns 10 and is now offered free to all parents for 2022!

by Willemien Kruger
14 January, 2022

The 7-step process on improving your homeschooling is unique, as it includes some templates to use when compiling your own curriculum.  Each guide has a unique focus. Get them free for 2022 HERE!

Homeschooling Future

Future-proof your child’s employability from an early age with 4IR Skills

by Wingu Academy
11 January, 2022

"Education can no longer be about learning facts. Educational organisations must focus on being transformative experiences, delivering an individual that has gained more than knowledge after completing a program."


Homeschooling & Christmas traditions

by Adrian Partridge
9 December, 2020

Where the heck did I put my orange juice?


Sionsrus Homeschoolers Camp Jan 2021

by Jonel Hunlun
30 November, 2020

...but the morning the cement dried we walked over the grounds and asked the Lord what He wanted us to do with this place. Before I went back into the house I felt on my heart that we needed to invite homeschooling families here. 


Confessions of a Homeschool Husband

by Adrian Partridge
16 November, 2020

My wife runs the household. No one will dispute that. When the kids are hungry, or sore, or happy, or have lost a pen or toy, they go to mom. She seems to know what to do about those things. She organises dinners, and lunches, and makes sure everyone is comfortable. A typical conversation might go like this...